Shillong Tour Package

    The Ultimate Guide To Your Shillong Tour Package

    Do you plan on visiting an exciting mountain destination? Shillong, in North East India, should undoubtedly be on your list. Given so much to offer visitors, this lesser-known treasure is a paradise. Your wanderlust will be satisfied by all that Shillong and its surroundings have to offer. All you require is a well-thought-out plan and familiarity with the locations before your Shillong Tour package.

    What Is the attraction behind the Shillong Tour Package

    The Meghalayan state capital, Shillong, is among India's most picturesque hill towns. Lei Shillong, a god revered by residents in Shillong Peak, gave it its name. There are lots of waterfalls, hiking paths, and forests in the "Scotland of the East." You can fly to Guwahati and then drive the 100 km south, or you can fly directly to the Shillong Airport, which is 30 kilometres from the main city.

    Shillong offers a wide range of activities, from engaging in adventure sports to taking part in vibrant nightlife. Here are a few of the attractions that visitors to this hill station find most appealing.

    • Camping out in the woods
    • Hiking
    • Cliff jumping
    • River rafting

    Experience waterfalls

    Shillong provides visitors with an abundance of options for sightseeing. Here are the top 7 places that you shouldn't miss when you're in Shillong.

    1. All Saints Cathedral
    2. Elephant Falls
    3. Umiam Lake
    4. David Scott Trail
    5. Mawlynnong
    6. Shillong Golf Course
    7. Don Bosco Museum

    Ideal Season to Visit Shillong

    Shillong often experiences a pleasant, pollution-free year-round climate. As a result, both the summer and the winter can be the finest times to visit Shillong. However, as the region is notorious for having higher-than-average rainfall, you might wish to skip the rainy season.

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