Cherrapunji Tour Package

    Cherrapunji Tour Package - Delightful Land of Waterfalls

    Cherrapunji once named as the wettest place on Earth as per the Guiness Book of World Records is a land of fascinating valleys, mystical clouds, heavy rains and tumbling waterfalls. From the moment you enter Cherrapunji you’ll be greeted by natural caves, lush green valleys and exotic range of orchids as well.

    Plan your memorable Cherrapunji trip with the Northeast Tour. We have local travel agents in Cherrapunji who will arrange for the best package customised as per your needs.

    Best Cherrapunji Tour Package with us

    Cherrapunji is the home to naturally occurring orchids. On your trip with us, you’re going to explore the offbeat destinations, walk through the orchid fields and immerse into the beauty of flora and fauna. Although marked as the wettest place on earth, you’ll be mesmerised by the caves, plains and waterfalls of Cherrapunji.

    At Northeast Tour, we organise a package that is not only about exploring the location, but also should be filled with fun and adventure as well. We include boating tours across the caves, to give a serene feel. You can also go on a trek on the double decker living root bridge, one of the incredible wonders of nature.

    Hiking into the deep valleys and terrain regions of Cherapunji will certainly help you get closer to nature.

    Why should you visit Cherrapunji?

    Best place for monsoon lovers

    With an annual rainfall of around 11777 mm this is the favourite destination for monsoon lovers. Anytime of the year you can step into the valleys of Cherrapunji and experience a wet monsoon. Enjoy the rains while you walk through the fresh and lush valleys of the place.

    Trekking experience

    Adorned with one of the natural wonders, the double decker living root bridge located in the Tyrna village, this place is unquestionably a paradise for the trekkers. The wondrous natural beauty and the unending trekking route is one of the vital reasons to visit Cherrapunji.

    Experience waterfalls

    You’ll experience one of the largest waterfalls, the seven sister waterfalls also known as the Mawsmai falls in your Cherrapunji trip. Visit this waterfall on a bright sunny day and experience the tranquil flow of water from the cliffs from the multiple streams that make up the waterfall.

    Check out red pandas

    Cherrapunji is a natural habitat for red pandas. Add Nokrek National Park to your trip which is a home for the red pandas.

    Indulge in caving experience

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