Plan a Trip to Sikkim Post Lock Down: A Few Crucial Things to Remember

Sikkim is situated in the north-eastern part of India. It is hard to describe its beauty through your words. Gangtok and Pelling have some comfortable hotels with amazing views. The sights of Sikkim ensure that you can never forget your Sikkim trip. Sikkim is full of adventure, especially in North Sikkim. According to the views of seasoned travel enthusiasts, Sikkim is one of the most tops visited states in India as we all know that this year, we all were going through lockdown due to the pandemic of COVID -19. But the lockdown is over now, and you can visit Sikkim, but before that, you have to maintain some critical precautions before travelling to Sikkim. Therefore, here are some precautionary tips for you.

Tour operator in Sikkim

Early Arrivals 

If you are planning to visit Sikkim by train, then you have to reach the railway station almost four hours earlier than the departure time of the train. Hence, this is the new normal for all the train passengers. You have to maintain this because the rail authority will follow all the additional safety protocols very strictly. You have to pass the thermal screening and some other process for the passengers boarding the trains.

Travel in Non-AC Coaches 

You have to maintain a safe distance from the other travellers in the coaches. The non-coaches will be available because the coronavirus has a high tendency to transfer quickly in the air-conditioned environment. Hence, from the non-ac coaches, it cannot spread so rapidly. So, if you want to travel to Sikkim, then you don’t have any other option except travelling in the no- ac coaches. Before visiting Sikkim, you must consult with your travel agent in Sikkim about this first.

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Follow All the Health Ministry Advisory

The passengers are requested to wear masks, and you have to wear masks through the journey as well. Besides that, you cannot carry too many bags with you. Also, there should be a limited number of passengers. You have to bring your food. The Tour operators in Sikkim will tell you all the essential information that you have to follow before visiting Sikkim. Also, only the healthy passengers will be allowed to travel to Sikkim. If any traveller has the symptoms of Covid-19, then he cannot continue his journey. Also, face masks and hand gloves will be provided to every passenger, and you might have to pay a little money for it.

Hence, these are all the safety precautions you have to keep in mind before planning a trip to Sikkim in the post-lock-down phase.