Sikkim: A Paradise in the Earth During Winters

Are you sick and tired with the morbid claustrophobia of daily existentialism? If so the time is ripe to pack up your bags and get ready to explore Sikkim. Every location is symbolic of serene natural effulgence. The locations are true embodiments of Midas touch crafted by Almighty in his way. The lush greens forest and snow-capped mountains are waiting to welcome you this winter. Get in touch with the best Travel agent in Gangtok and explore the tranquil winsomeness of nature.

3 Spectacular Destinations In Sikkim That Makes You Awe-Struck

Winter in Sikkim is absolutely spine-chilling, but if you are an avid travel buff ready to explore the snow-laden mountains then your best time for you is winter. Travel enthusiast has expressed their enthusiasm during December and January when snow takes complete effect.

Sikkim during the winter months is sure to give Kashmir a run for its money. You would be proud to know that Sikkim is scheduled in comparison to other destinations of the country.

The Overall Weather of Sikkim During December:

December is an ideal month for visiting Sikkim. The weather is tailored for your trip as the average temperature of the state remains in and around 10 to 4 degrees Celsius. It can even drop to 0 degrees at higher altitudes and maximum of these places remain shut during the winter months.

Places That a Tourist Can Visit in Sikkim During December

Sikkim in December is no less than SHANGRI LA of North-East. The ice layers become thick and it covers the entire state. There are quite a few tourist attractions in this region and in this particular article we will discuss a few locations which you can visit this December.

     1: GURUDONGMAR Lake: The frozen wonder

This lake is located at an estimated elevation of about 17,800 ft above sea level. It is considered to be sacred and one of the highest freshwater lakes in the entire world. In summer it slightly beholds but becomes very alluring during winter months. The blue water in this lake never freezes and this is very amazing.

We are not very sure what the scientific reasons are, or if there is any supernatural phenomenon or not, but this place lures numerous tourists. The conglomeration of white and blue right at the surface is a vision that cannot be missed.

     2: YUMTHANG: An Experience of a Lifetime

  • Placed at 8,000 feet above sea level and is ideally the valley of flowers of LACHUNG in Northern Sikkim.
  • You might not always find snow at the base, better if you climb up to zero points which are always covered with crisp snow.
  • The spellbinding white landscapes will welcome you with all their might.
  • The location becomes a conglomeration of numerous hues during sunrise.
  • This is something that cannot keep your cell phones back in your pocket.
  • Capture this inspiring and instrumental phenomenon. This is indeed a lifetime of experience.

        3: The Road of ZULUK

 It is located at an elevation of about 14,500 feet above sea level. It is a very tiny village with alluring landscapes. Apart from awe-inspiring elegance, your Travel agent in Gangtok will ensure that you get ready to experience driving in this hamlet. This road takes you to the old Silk route right at the Indo-China border. The sunrise and sunset from this location is spectacular.

To be honest, there are quite a few other locations that might inspire you, but we have narrated the three locations that are a must-visit. Maybe we will be discussing the heavenly location in our next blog.