Travel Advice to make your trip enjoyable and hassle-free

Surrounded by the mesmerising backdrop of one of the highest peaks, the Kanchenjunga mountains, it invites visitors to witness the magnificent sceneries and adventurous trekking experience. Moreover, for a fun gateway to these magical places, we have listed some important Darjeeling Sikkim Tour tips and suggestions that might benefit you on your visit.

Travel Advice

6 travel tips that you should remember while you are traveling on a trip

Proper Research and Execution

Do your research on various places and activities that are listed on your tour. By doing so, you will reduce the chances of obstacles and requirements. The rules and regulations of the religious places, requirements in the camp sides and local regularities should be kept in mind during the trip. Make sure you know which area in the town is protected and protected.

Carry Your Travel Documents

You must carry a hard copy and a soft copy of your tour confirmation vouchers in their original format. It will make your hotel check-in and cab transfer hassle-free. It is suggested that you keep the details of your trip with yourself to get a detailed guide for your activities and trip.

Don’t Forget Your ID proof

You need to carry your government-authorised ID proof, as you might need the same for checking the hotels and even while entering Sikkim, your government-authorised ID proof is required. Do carry both your hard copy and soft copy of the card.

Always keep an eye on the weather

Check the weather forecast before you take the trip to Darjeeling Sikkim. It is an essential part as you will decide what type of dress you require according to the temperature. And it is suggested that you carry an umbrella as it might rain any time if you visit in monsoon.

Carry cash and coins as the backup

As you are travelling to the mountains. So, it would be right to say it is a remote place. So please do not consider the ATMs to be frequent, so carrying a good amount of cash is advisable.

Try Local Delicates

While visiting Sikkim or Darjeeling, remember that they have a reputation for offering some of the best dishes. So, last but certainly not the last, feast on the local cuisine available around the town. Inquire about the food vendor or the waiter and ask them about the local food so that you might enjoy their local food.

These were simple travel tips to give you a trouble-free, easy holiday. So waste no time and plan your trip with North East Tour.