Top Places to Visit in Cherrapunji for a Memorable Trip

When you wish to visit one of the unique hill destinations in India, Northeast is an underrated gem. It allows you to explore some of the most exotic, breathtaking destinations. You can remain assured that these places are hard to find anywhere else in the country.

The Magic of Cherrapunji:

Out of multiple tourist destinations in the Northeastern states, Cherrapunji is the closest to the tourists’ heart. It is like a paradise for both nature lovers and adventure seekers. From breathtaking views of valleys, romantic weather, and cascading waterfalls, Cherrapunji has everything to attract a traveler.

The Best Places Around Cherrapunji that You Cannot Miss:

If you plan a Cherrapunji tour package, you will have to make a long itinerary. It would include multiple destinations that would create a perfect itinerary. Some of these destinations are discussed in detail below.

  • Mawsynram: It is a small village with adventurous settings, making it a must-visit place in Meghalaya. Located in the East Khasi District of the State, the place is known as one of the wettest places on earth. It receives the highest annual rainfall in the world. Apart from enjoying the periodic rains, you can explore the rich culture of the Khasi tribes and visit the caves and waterfalls.
  • Mawlynnong: The village is well known as the cleanest village in Asia, which makes it a unique tourist destination. It is nearly a 100 kilometers drive from the main town of Cherrapunji. However, your long ride will be complemented by the lush greenery, majestic views, and small yet clean roads. Along with visiting the picturesque village, you can partake in other adventures, like hiking and climbing the skywalk.
  • Living Root Bridge: It is another famous tourist destination near Cherrapunji. It is also known as the Umshiang Double Decker Root Bridge. It is a pure natural wonder that is located in Nongriat Village. Over time, the root grows stronger and thicker, creating a natural bridge. You can perfectly climb it without any fear of falling.
  • Dawki: Also touted as the Queen of Jaintia Hills, Dawki is a picturesque town located in the West Jaintia Hills District. The place is famous for its crystal blue Umngot River and surrounding landscapes. It is the perfect place where you can enjoy nature’s abundant beauty. You can also hire a boat or a kayak and explore the crystal blue waters of the river.

These are a few nearby tourist destinations of Cherrapunji that you simply cannot miss. You must communicate with a well-known travel agent in Cherrapunji to execute a proper plan. Get in touch with Northeast Tour, one of the most reliable sources for planning a trip to the Northeastern states. We can offer you a perfect plan for Cherrapunji that will surely be enjoyable. To learn more, you can visit our website today.