Top 3 must-visit offbeat places in Sikkim

This stunning tourist destination, which has been graced with a calm atmosphere, serene beauty, the breathtaking Himalayas, and spiritual attractions, makes it impossible to not fall in love. Along with those well-known tourist spots, Sikkim also has some intriguing eccentric locations that are unexplored and hidden. The next time you visit here, contact the Tour operators in Sikkim and plan sightseeing to these amazing locations. Here are the top 3 hidden gems of Sikkim.

Here are the top 3 hidden gems of Sikkim


One of the top tourist destinations in Ravangla is the Ralong Monastery of the Buddhist Kagyu sect. An impressive statue of Lord Buddha is located at Buddha Park and magnificently adorns the city. Ravangla is a great adventurous location in Sikkim since it is close to well-known peaks like Maenam and Borong and is a paradise for hikers.


Gyalshing’s Khecheopalri Lake ought to be visited since it is said that wishes made there with a sincere heart are granted. The Pemayangtse Monastery, built in the seventeenth century, is well known. Few people are aware that Gyalshing, one of Sikkim’s less popular tourist sites, is home to Gyalshing Bazaar, a market that is more than a century old as one of the biggest markets in the state. Mendang, the largest and most sacred wall in Sikkim is located there, making the area a must-visit place.


Sumbuk features everything required for a fantastic vacation, from alluring landscapes to waterways to historic temples and the wild outdoors. Sumbuk’s Peacock Nesting Forest is an unmissable location. Be prepared to see some stunning exotic animals, like peacocks and hornbills, here.

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