Planning a Sikkim Trip Next? Absolute Essentials that You Must Carry

When you plan a trip to the mountains, you won’t be disappointed in any way. It is one of the most attractive destinations that see the footfall of millions of visitors annually. When looking for the top hillside destinations of India, you will definitely stumble upon Sikkim.

More About Sikkim as a Tourist Spot:

The state of Sikkim is situated between two hilly countries of Nepal and Bhutan. West Bengal is a connection point that joins this state with the rest of India. You might be hearing more about the state in the current times due to the sensitive ecological conditions.

Carry these Essentials on Your Sikkim Trip:

While travelling around Hilly states as a tourist, you need to remain extra careful. There are some absolute essentials that you need to carry when you plan a trip to Sikkim. You can confirm those with your travel agent in Sikkim. We discuss more about this in the following part of the blog.

  • Comfortable Shoes and Boots: In Sikkim, you will find a number of stunning trekking routes. To embark on such challenging trips, you need to be well-prepared. To experience any of these trekking trails, you must equip yourself with proper walking boots and shoes. These ensure a smooth hiking journey and help you enjoy the whole trekking path.
  • First Aid: No matter where you go, it is absolutely important to pack your medical kit first. It consists of basic first aid items like antiseptic, bandages and sanitisers. You should carry them with you, especially on your trip in such challenging terrain. The first aid kit will come to your help in remote areas.
  • Cash and Documents: In Sikkim, there is no dearth of ATMs or online payment options in the cities and towns. However, you should carry enough money that can help you in emergencies. Distribute the cash in various parts of your luggage or apparel to avoid loss or theft. You must also carry proof of your valid ID. These will come to your help in areas that border with neighbouring countries.

By carrying all these things, you can remain assured of a smooth travel experience in Sikkim. To get more updated information, you should contact your travel agent in Sikkim. Contact Northeast Tour, one of the well-known names in this field. We have our own travel agents in the state who can help you throughout your trip. To learn more, you can visit our website today.