4 Offbeat Destinations in Darjeeling That You Should Include in Your Next Trip

Travelling heals the soul and evokes a sense of immeasurable happiness. It is a passion as well as a recreational activity. If you’re a mountain lover, planning a trip to the offbeat mountainous valleys can help you embark on a beautiful journey beyond your imagination. For travel enthusiasts, Darjeeling has always been a point of attraction. 

Have you visited Darjeeling many times? Then, it’s time to add some thrill to your itinerary. Add a few offbeat destinations nestled among the lush green tea valleys and majestic mountain ranges away from the hustles of the overcrowded tourist groups. Contact a tour operator in Darjeeling and get an itinerary planned to explore a different side of the ever-familiar Darjeeling. 

What are the offbeat destinations in Darjeeling that you should visit?


The calm ambience, spectacular lush green valleys, and dense alpine forest make Tinchuley one of the best offbeat locations in Darjeeling. Once considered a distant village, Tinchuley has emerged as a self-supporting eco-village lately. Around 32 km from the main Darjeeling, this is a gem you shouldn’t miss. 

Book a homestay amidst the valleys and enjoy the fresh, organic, home-cooked food. An early morning walk through the tea gardens and alpine forest will rejuvenate your senses. 


This tiny village in Darjeeling has a clear view of the Kanchenjunga peaks. Located only 25 km from Darjeeling, Chatakpur has only 100 people living around the village. If you plan to spend a weekend in tranquillity, this offbeat destination stands out among others. Only some accommodations are available in Chatakpur; hence, book in advance. 


Located around 78 km from Darjeeling, Rishyap is a small rural settlement of the Lepcha community. Book your accommodation in Rishyap, enjoy the early sunrise over the peaks of Kanchenjunga and shed off your everyday worries. Rishyap does not have much to offer to the tourists; however, you’ll instantly fall in love with the simplicity of the place. 


If you plan to explore the Singalila National Park, you can take a turn and plan a stay at Rimbik. This tiny village is a haven for trekkers, and it will surprise you at every step. You can also visit the Rimbik monastery and experience spirituality. 

Are you planning an offbeat trip to Darjeeling? Contact Northeast Tour. We have a team of tour operators in Darjeeling who can help you plan.