4 Interesting Things To Do in Assam – Plan The Best Itinerary

Assam, located in the south and eastern Himalayas along the Brahmaputra river valleys, is a haven for nature lovers. Majestic tea estates, rich wildlife, and several national parks and wildlife sanctuaries make Assam one of the most visited Northeastern states. Before planning your Assam trip, contact a professional travel agent in Assam. They will create the perfect itinerary for you. 

While strolling through the emerald tea gardens, you can enjoy the views and a calm and serene environment. Besides, Assam is also famous for its renowned Kamakhya temple and delectable cuisine. 

In Assam, you must try a few things that can make your trip memorable and enjoyable. Here is a list of things that can help you plan the best trip of your life. 

What are the interesting things to do in Assam?

Visit the Kamakhya temple 

The Kamakhya temple is one of the most important destinations you should never miss when planning an Assam trip. It is one of the Shakti peethas perched on the Nilachal hill. Along with its spiritual significance, you will also get to see the beautiful architecture of the temple. Include the same in your trip and seek blessings from goddess Kamakhya. 

One-horned rhinoceros at Kaziranga National Park

If you do not plan a trip to Kaziranga National Park, you’ll definitely miss out on one of the rarest species—the one-horned rhinoceros. Including the rhinoceros in your trip is a necessity, as the place has been declared a World Heritage Site. Along with the rhinoceros, you can also enjoy the view of elephants, tigers, and various bird species. 

Indulge in delectable local cuisines 

When in Assam, do not miss out on the spicy local cuisine. These are mostly cooked using very little spice and oil, with exotic spice flavours. One of the famous local cuisines is Assam Laksa, a fish-based soupy noodle that is a staple food of Assam. 

Take a walk through the tea gardens

Assam is popular for its tea gardens. When in Dibrugarh, your eyes will be dazzled by lush green tea gardens spanning acres of land. Taking a tour through the tea gardens helps you get an insight into the tea-making process. The greenery of the tea garden will give you a peaceful experience and provoke you to treat yourself to a few packets of premium-quality Assam tea. 


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